To inovatively satisfy market needs in an area of tranfser, progresive and individual tools for sheet metal. We strive to harmonius development of the buyers needs and interests of all participants in a process of tool production.


To become a reliable partner, vendor of high quality toold for transformation of sheet metal in automotive and aviation industry.

Our parole

Our Quality Your Success!

Basic goals:

  • long-term existence and development of the comapny,
  • increase in proprietorial capital
  • to satisfy the interests of process and enviromental participants.

Strategical goals:

  • to achieve revenue in axcess of 20% per employee in the industry,
  • to achieve a significant share in progres and transfer tool production in automotive industry,
  • to achieve above average solvency for current and development activities in the industry,
  • to raise share of creativity in a product by 10% above comperable sector,
  • to achieve above average rate of return of investment,
  • to raise technological qualification to the point of competitive advantage in our sector,
  • to achieve business excellence in the chain of added value,
  • to achieve high technological level of tools with high added value,
  • to achieve a mark of 35% of human resources with higher and university level of education,
  • to achieve a buyer satisfaction to the point of return orders
  • to achieve an employee satisfaction to the point of perfect efficiency.