CAD information transfer

We use standardized comupter software for a transfer of CAD information. The transfer is possible 24/7. If you do not yet have a connection with us you can do that by sending us mail at:

CAD model

Based od CAD model of the product we make a rough assesment of the tool, define the number of…

Designation of Tool Technology

Upon reception of an order we prepare the Tool Tehnology. For critical operations we prepare CAE analysis with Pam Stamp software.

Simulation of transformation

Due to higher certinty check of the critical operations of the tool with CAE analysis and simulation we assure the…

The Tool construction

We use 3D tool construction which enables us the highest realiability of constructional…

Tool fitting

In our new and modified facility the whole hall is covered with lifting equipment which enables us better work process without interuption and additional difficulty.

Tool elements making

We posess many high quality CNC machines which accuracy is checked constantly. Cutting tools are calibrated on Zoller calibration machine.

Determining the technology and NC programming

Based on 3D tool contruction our NC programmers make necessary NC programms with the use of the latest technology.

Making of the castings

Most of the castings are being made in a comapyn approximetely 10km…

Styrofoam models

In the final stage of construction we manage all information concerning needed castings.

Tool testing

Testing is done on our own pessing machines. If needed we can also use additional machines which are not too far from us.

Laser - cut

First products from transformed tools are cut by a 5-axle CNC laser. Software like Tops 800 is used for NC Programming and making of clamping device. This way we assure the buyer a fast delivery of the prototype products or a small series.

Tool metrology

We have been using Wenzel CNC measuring device for years. It allows us to assure high accuracy. This is double-checked by our laboratory which holds ISO 17025 by Dutch company RvA and Slovene service for calibration of measurements – SA.

The tool

Delivery of the tool is usualy done at our facilities. But we can also provide testing and starting up of the tool on the buyers equipment and also prepare it for serial production.